Education Sector

Education Sector Software Solutions
Advancement in the area of software engineering together with web technologies have introduced many types of software applications such as high quality E-learning software, online reading from anywhere in the world accessing centralised electronic libraries, submission of coursework remotely via an e-learning platforms. Virtual learning software systems have virtually made the whole world as a single campus in education sector. However, the design and development of these software systems have been a challenge for the industry, as the requirement of various stakeholders–learner, educator, institutional management, accreditation bodies, has to be handled in the software system effectively.
Keyprog provides number of software solutions for the education sector in both UK and overseas. Advancement in the area of software engineering, mobile technology together with various web technologies have paved way for range of applications for managing education sector for both education providers and learners. E-learning software systems, e-libraries and online feedback and survey management systems are the key software solutions offered by Keyprog.
Keyprog‘s software solutions for education sector are used by many reputed education providers in UK. We can meet all your needs for education sector software to support your institution, college or university. Keyprog has been designing and developing software systems for education providers since 2009. Over the last six years we have built an unrivalled understanding of the differing needs of many type of UK education providers, enabling our clients to get the most out of their budgets and to provide the highest standards of service.
Keyprog is specialised in developing software systems such as virtual leaning platforms, electronic libraries, attendance recording and grade management. We also provide solutions for student record management with online applications.
From our experience with many education providers in UK, we have developed software systems to help institutions to embrace change independently and sustainably so they can become more flexible, efficient, and innovative. Keyprog’s software solutions in the education sector allow institutions to:
  • Improve the relationship and experience of both the student and academic staff
  • Increase the revenue and improve quality of service provided by the institution
  • Increase the standard of competitiveness
  • Improve the involvement of the community, quality of service and customer leadership
  • Provide new opportunities, such as overseas campuses or other institutional partnerships