Health Sector

Health Sector Software Solutions
Health sector software systems provided by Keyprog offers number of key advantages for both healthcare professionals and the patients. Collection of routine patient information, recording treatment and surgical details, view statistical reports and sensitive data including surgical history of patients improves the quality of health service while building up a strong relationship between patients and the health service providers.
Surgical Information Management Systems offers significant benefits to both patients and the surgeons from the patient registrations to the discharging form the hospital. The key challenge is in designing and developing software applications that engage users to ensure long term use resulting in positive health behavioural changes.
Keyprog’s design and engineering team uncovers the true needs of the health care professionals by gaining a deep understanding of clinical and patients’ relationship in the workflow processes.
Clinical health recording software systems tend to be complex due to growing volumes and variations of different types of data such as images, videos etc. Keyprog helps clients extend application life cycles and improve the quality and performance through the application design based on the user experience, compatibility with other systems for easy synchronisation, quick delivery of prototypes for user acceptance tests, perform software quality assurance activities by a specialised team prior to the release of any software application developed by the Keyprog.
Our engineering and development approach in the health sector software systems follow the below phases that guarantee customer satisfaction, product quality and on-going maintenance.
Keyprog’s experts work closely with the surgeons and healthcare professionals to ensure the project meets and exceeds the requirements for the functionality, ease of use and highly effective.
Team of software engineers and developers involved at the early stages in the design phase ensures the vision of the final outcomes of the application. Insights gained by medical researchers and the business experts provide guidance and adherence to design strategy throughout the process, and having clinical business analysts embedded during the project ensures healthcare best practices are woven into the product. This results in faster implementation, costs effectiveness, fewer revisions and, at the end a product that has high user adoption in the healthcare setting.
With the management of Keyprog, projects will fully benefit from the custom Agile development methodologies. Keyprog’s approach to agile software development hard codes activity between the design and development teams. Our process provides an alternative to the traditional “waterfall” approach to building software and shortens the overall time of delivery.
The beauty of using a well-defined Agile process is that the entire team understands what’s happening at each stage of the project life cycle. This begins with user research and white board sketches, and includes clinical insight, analytics, competitive analysis, wireframing, prototype testing, software engineering and quality assurance. The result is the delivery of a highly-functional software systems for the health sector that provides a compelling user experience.