- Client Testimonials

Dr. Auruddha Abeygunasekara MBBS, MS, FRCS

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Many thanks for providing me with the SIMS software. I have used it for over 2 years now and all the operative work is stored in it. It is very user-friendly and all my junior doctors upload the data themselves even the newly joined ones to the unit without much training. We have a dedicated laptop for the purpose in the OT and we upload even the operative photographs, X-rays etc to the system when necessary with the patient details. We will be able to use the data in the future for our study results and presentations. The facility to have it internet- based has secured our data as well as giving me the opportunity to access it even from home although the computer is in the OT. 

Wish you all the success with the SIMS and let us know any advances of it.

Colombo South Teaching Hospital

Dr. A Parthiepan MBBS, MS

Consultant Oncosurgeon

Surgical log book is a mandatory requirement for the surgical training programme. Electronic log books are helpful in this regard. This system facilitates easy data entry, retrieval as well as analysis of the data.

My surgery data electronic system was first introduced at the college of surgeon’s sessions in 2013. I found this a useful system. Continuous improvement in this program is a positive factor. I hope adding the printable format patient discharge summary sheet (or diagnosis card) will make this system very useful. 

General Hospital - Batticaloa


Dr. Asoka Wijemanne MBBS, MS, FRCS

Consultant General Surgeon

I have been using the SIMS together with my junior doctors for the last 2 years. I purchased the online version.

I must say that the system is extremely easy to learn.

My junior staff do all the data entry work & it's not too much work for an intern to upload the surgical cases in spite of this being a General Surgical unit in a busy DGH taking casualty on a 1:2 rota. By the days end all the cases done on that day will be up loaded. This has been possible due to the simple & logical sequence of data incorporated in the system. Uploading photos, retrieving Pt pages in the clinics & adding follow-notes ie; histology reports, is very convenient. 

I noticed that the junior Doctors also are more 'IT- aware' since the introduction of the SIMS.

Lastly, may I add that all one needs is a smart phone to do all the uploading including taking of the pictures which can then be immediately uploaded

Wish you all the success with the SIMS and let us know any advances of it.

District General Hospital - Gampaha


Dr. Jayamal Ariyaratne MBBS, MS, FRCS

Consultant Oncosurgeon

Thank you very much for introducing me to mysurgerydata database.

I have found it very useful to keep all my surgical and endoscopic data organised in this database.
It is very easy to access as well.

General Hospital - Ratnapura