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16 September 2014
SIMS Presentation at Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo - Sri Lanka
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15 January 2016
MYSURGERYDATA.NET Presentation in Colombo - Sri Lanka
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02 January 2016
Introduction of Distributed Moodle Platform for UK education providers
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16 September 2015
Launch Virtual Library for the UK Higher Education Sector
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MYSURGERYDATA.NET Presentation in Colombo - Sri Lanka

Keyprog's Surgical Information Management System (Online version) known as MYSURGERYDATA.NET has been presented to demonstrate the importace of online surgical information management by one of the reputed general surgeons in Sri Lanka, Dr. E.A.D Udayakumara. The event was organised by the College of surgoens - Sri Lanka

Key areas of the presentation

Every practising surgeon has a responsibility to maintain good quality surgical records.  Clinical records are fundamental to the process of the delivery of surgical care, contributing to the diagnosis, planning and correct sequencing of treatment.  Moreover, accurate records are essential to ensuring that patients receive appropriate and safe treatment.  

The recording of surgical information by a surgeon is important for several reasons, all of which are closely related to the quality of care provided to patients:

  •  Access to patients' health records at any time from anywhere in the world
  • It enables Surgeons to obtain information necessary to provide appropriate, individualised care.  A surgical information helps to identify conditions relevant to the patient’s health or which could have an impact on how treatment is carried out, e.g. conditions which require antibiotic prophylaxis or preclude certain treatment or prescription of certain drugs (drug allergies and interactions).
  • Recorded Information of patients about certain medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, allergies or heart disease could be vital if a medical emergency occurs in the surgical practice.  
  • Medical records reveal critical information required to address infection control issues.  Despite the fact that cross infection control in surgery is generally based on the surgical history and related information of the patient.
  • Surgical information recording prevents medical complications and thus minimise detrimental effects to the patient and the possibility of medico-legal complications for the Surgeon.

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