Online Library Management


Online Library Management

Keyprog’s Online Library Management System (LMS) provides power and productivity to library operations in public and education sector. With this feature-rich Online LMS there are many internal components that suits for both the administrators and members. Our LMS has the capability of obtaining up-to-date information on books, members and status reports with few clicks. Security of data is never a question with role based access level rights.

Keyprog’s Online Library Management System comprises number of internal components that brings various benefits for users. Well-designed website, online catalogue, member portal and the library management.

Main components & features of online library management system

Report Types

  •     Book Stock Reports
  •     Overdue Material Report
  •     Transaction History Report
  •     Borrowing Hisroty of Members
  •     Reports for Material Suggestions
  •     Report for the Members with Special Needs
  •     System Access Log Report
  •     Digitization Request Reports

Automated Services

  •     Automated renewals of materials (if there are renewal times left according to the loan type)
  •     Automated email generation for due materials
  •     Automated email generation for overdue materials
  •     Automated account suspension