What we do

Keyprog provides Custom Software Development for Education, Health, Travel and Tourism and various types of Businesses. Our services include the following:

Application Development for Windows Platforms

Engineering and Development of both web-based & standalone applications for Windows platforms using Keyprog’s 7 years of experience and skills.

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Web Application Development

Keyprog has extensive experience developing web applications under both Windows & LINUX platforms since 2009. Also experts in developing enterprise-level web applications.

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Database Applications

We are experts in designing and developing complex database systems using MS-SQL Server, MySQL and ORACLE.

System Migrations (Standalone to Web)

Keyprog has been involving in system migration projects since 2010. We migrate Windows based standalone applications on to web based platforms.

For example: Migrate VB 6.0 applications onto web.

Read More: http://keyprog.com/software-system-migration

Technical Consultation

Keyprog provides technical consultations for individuals and firms to solve specific problems in their software engineering & development projects. Our service includes the following:

·         Problem investigation and provide solution specifications and guidance

·         Designing of software components for new software development project

·         Conduct design & technological reviews to verify accuracy and integrity of projects before the investment

We provide step-by-step guidance and advice for our clients to structure their software development projects to achieve higher results and on time delivery within the allocated budget.

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