Surgical Information Management (Online Version)

Online Surgical Information Management System ( addresses the needs of individual surgeons and helps them fulfil the above requirements while improving their personal performance. is a web-based Information system which addresses all the major functional areas of surgery Information Management. It provides the opportunity to electronically store and manage surgeries. This Information System provides the benefits of streamlining operations and enhances administration.
This web-based application is designed to reduce the user learning, curve and minimize training costs. In fact, most users can start using the system within one hour of training.
Unlike any other surgical information management software vendor, Keyprog provides you with a complete online surgical information management system that helps you support patient safety initiatives in the operating room. Online patient registration and store surgery details from the theatre, provide easy access to past surgical notes for quick references during surgical procedures and view variety of reports and statistics from anywhere in the world at any time would provide healthcare professionals an opportunity to build a strong, efficient foundation to enhance patients’ care and improve to quality of service in the healthcare establishments.
History of the Surgical Information Management System (SIMS)
by Dr. E.A.D Udayakumara (FRCS, MBBS) Sri Lanka
Surgery related data recording is an essential requirement for surgeons, especially theatre based record keeping with details of the surgery and pictures. This was a difficult task for me, so that I worked with Keyprog Software Solutions, which is based in the United Kingdom to come up with a solution. We together with my intern house officer Dr. Shihanie Rubecka were able to come up with a Surgical Information Management System (SIMS) which was originally a stand alone version. We worked days and nights to bring up the system to a higher standard by making further improvements during the 2010-2011. We migrated the old Excel Data into the SIMS from 2008 onwards.
With the Blessings of Dr. K.L. Fernando, the former president of the College of Surgeons in Sri Lanka we were able to introduce it to the surgical community during surgical sessions in August, 2011, which was highly regarded by the surgical colleagues. Since then, we have been keeping records, analysing and experimenting on the functionality of SIMS. On request from other surgical colleagues we have shared our experience with them as well. Currently some of them are using their own customised SIMS versions and receiving very positive feedbacks from them time to time.
SIMS didn’t stop at that point. On the process of upgrading, SIMS released a web version which is consumed by some of the surgeons. Both the stand-alone version and the web versions of the SIMS were introduced at the Kurunegala Clinical Society in December, 2012. SIMS is still in the process of advancing its capacity to obtain more productive outcomes like using for research purposes, including videos recorded during surgeries and share knowledge and experience of senior surgeons by analysing their data under the authority of the owner.
Web version of SIMS, named as ‘’ which can be easily accessible via World Wide Web (Internet) and is available for all our colleagues in the surgical community in Sri Lanka.
Key features of Online Surgical Information Management System (
  • Online Surgeon Registration
  • Patient Registration
  • Store Hospital, Unit and Theatre information
  • Store Staff details
  • Record surgical procedures and sub categories
  • Store surgical information of patients
  • Manage surgical history
  • Manage consultant's personal profile
  • Generate different types of reports and statistics
  • Can be accessed from anywhere in the world [24x7]
  • Daily Automated Backup Proccesses
  • Unlimited Space for Storing Data and Images
  • Automated Password Recovery
Screenshots of internal interfaces