Surgical Information Management (Stand Alone Version)

Surgical Information Management (Stand Alone Version)
Stand-Alone Surgical Information Management System currently operates independently without having any interconnection to any other information system or service. This is the very first health sector software system developed by Keyprog in 2009.
Understanding the benefits of storing surgical information electronically has important implications for quality and efficiency in healthcare. We surveyed number of experienced surgeons involved in various fields in surgery about their interest in using electronic health recording in surgical practice prior to the introduction of surgical information Management system (SIMS).
Surgeons who use SIMS have identified different characteristics such as usage patterns, perceived benefits, and levels of satisfaction than the surgeons who use paper-based systems. According to a survey carried-out by the experts, surgeons who uses traditional systems have not checked a patient’s drug history most or all of the time when writing a new prescription, but the surgeons who uses SIMS finds it easy to get the past records accessed more quickly than flipping pages in a file.
Keyprog’s surgical information management system provides key benefits for patients, healthcare establishments and the surgeons in order to deliver a quality and efficient healthcare system for the community.
SIMS addresses all the major functional areas of surgery Information Management. It provides the opportunity to electronically store and manage surgeries. This Information System provides the benefits of streamlining operations and enhances administration.
The easy-to-use and familiar interface in SIMS is designed to reduce the user learning curve and minimize training costs. In fact, most users can start using the system within one hour of training.
Key features of SIMS
  • Patient Registration
  • Store Hospital, Unit and Theatre information
  • Store Staff details
  • Record surgical procedures and sub categories
  • Store surgical information of patients
  • Manage surgical history
  • Manage consultant's personal profile
  • Generate different types of reports and statistics
  • Ease of data backup
  • Import data on the Ms-Excel


Screenshots of internal interfaces