Windows Based Applications


At Keyprog, we provide you with high quality and cost friendly windows application development services. We have been developing standalone and client-server applications for Microsoft Windows since 2009.  We believe in designing applications for windows platform are high quality, user-friendly and innovative. Mainly we involved in developing information systems using Microsoft.NET and SQL server. All the new systems we develop for Windows are on .NET framework due to higher productivity and adoptability in .NET than the previous Windows technologies. 
Why Keyprog?
As a software development company Keyprog helps you bring your applications ideas to the real life with modern user interfaces and layouts. Our engineers and developers always work hard to deliver reliable, elegant and convincing user experience for our clients. Our software development team can build solitary applications for Windows platforms based on your exact business requirement. Keyprog’s developers are highly skilled with developing modern style user interfaces (UI), and are acquainted with the complexity of design to deliver high-class Windows applications. We are capable of handling projects from small to large.
Our project team comprehending the clients’ business requirements with a new perspective, bolstered by a customized approach. Applications are built to cater customers’ needs and specifications by aiming their full satisfaction. Our software specialists help in designing the perfect applications that fit your requirements.
Keyprog’s Windows Application Development Service includes:
  • Software Architectural Consultations
  • User-Interface Designing
  • Database Engineering
  • Application Development
  • Application Migration
  • Training
  • Support
Software Development Rules of Keyprog:
  • Strict adherence to project plans and client’s specifications
  • Perform various levels of quality checks during the development lifecycle
  • Delivery of the project within timelines and, with cost effectiveness
We have strong skills in the following:
  • Visual Basic (.Net & 6.0)
  • C#
  • C++
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access